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We are trying to help small businesses

Bad Applz was started because small businesses are being put at an unfair advantage every single day. Too many customers ask far too much and expect to pay far too little. Many of them don't pay at all, or at the very least take a long time. Small businesses can't afford this. Whether the economy is up or down, every customer is crucial to the small business, and the outcome of every job can make a big impact on the success or failure of the business. Small business isn't just where we work, it is our livelihood, and a lot of us have invested a lot to make it work.

When customers start to get unruly, it really makes things difficult. To make matters worse, the rise of review systems like Yelp, Angie's List, and Thumbtack mean that one Bad Apple can ruin a whole lot, and really hinder future business. Small businesses can't afford to simply stay away from places like Angies List - good and bad customers alike use review platforms to make decisions. But now with Bad Applz small businesses can start to fight back against the customers who always leave bad review for no reason and the customers that are always so difficult you can't make money on the job and the customers who have trouble paying their bills.

We hope you'll take a minute to tell us about any Bad Apples you've encountered

That way we can share the information with other small businesses and help them avoid the costly pitfalls you've endured. And we also hope you will search the Blacklist before you start every job and proposal so you can avoid costly customers in the future.

Businesses helping each other
When businesses get together and share their bad customer experiences, everyone benefits.
Business working together

We can all save time, reduce stress and frustration, and get paid quickly. Our goal in listing bad apples is to record and share bad customers so you can verify potential clients or customers before you start a proposal or job.

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In short, by using this site in any way you agree that we are not responsible for any lack of business, sales, or profit. Additionally, we are not out to damage the reputation of any difficult customers (i.e. Bad Apples), and we make every effort to ensure the comments and ratings posted on this site are genuine. However, Bad Applz is in no way responsible for the actions of businesses that may result from the information listed on this site. For more details see the full Terms of Service.

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